Heavy duty
Platform 530mm deep x 400mm wide
Treads 89mm deep
Handrail to both sides
Wheels at rear
Duty rating 150kg

Ordering Codes
Height to
No. of Treads
inc Platform
AWS3 0.720m 3 14 kgs 1.645m 0.690m 0.950m
AWS4 0.955m 4 15 kgs 1.880m 0.715m 1.070m
AWS5 1.190m 5 16 kgs 2.115m 0.740m 1.185m
AWS6 1.425m 6 18 kgs 2.350m 0.765m 1.310m
AWS7 1.660m 7 20 kgs 2.585m 0.790m 1.430m
AWS8 1.895m 8 22 kgs 2.820m 0.815m 1.50m
AWS9 2.130m 9 24 kgs 3.055m 0.840m 1.680m
AWS10 2.365m 10 26 kgs 3.290m 0.860m 1.790m
AWS11 2.600m 11 28 kgs 3.525m 0.885m 1.910m
AWS12 2.835m 12 32 kgs 3.760m 0.910m 2.030m
AWS13 3.070m 13 34 kgs 3.995m 0.935m 2.150m
AWS14 3.305m 14 38 kgs 4.230m 0.970m 2.270m
AWS15 3.540m 15 40 kgs 4.465m 1.000m 2.370m
AWS16 3.775m 16 44 kgs 4.700m 1.030m 2.490m
AWS17 4.01m 17 48 kgs 4.935m 1.060m 2.610m
AWS18 4.245m 18 52 kgs 5.170m 1.090m 2.725m
AWS19 4.480m 19 54 kgs 5.405m 1.120m 2.840m
AWS20 4.715m 20 56 kgs 5.640m 1.15m 2.955m

AWS17 to 20 are Made to Order Only and are a Non Returnable Item