Your Caravan Roof: Regularly cleaning your caravan’s roof is crucial for its overall upkeep. With the assistance of this ladder, you can easily access the roof and thoroughly clean it. Whether you’re removing dirt or inspecting for any issues, having a stable footing and the cross support bar on this ladder enhances safety and ensures effective maintenance.

  • Safer than a pair of steps

  • No-overreaching.

  • Work facing towards the caravan.

  • Lean directly onto the roof to clean or repair roof vents, aerials, solar panels etc.

  • Height adjustable anti-slip feet for uneven ground

  • Inbuilt rubber lined cross bar that prevents scratches and ladder slippage.

  • Flat tread with anti-slip profile

  • Comfortable fixed platform to stand on.

  • Lightweight and compact design

  • Easy setup

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