Two Section with Aluminium Rungs

Manufactured from distinctive yellow 85mm x 31mm glass fibre channel with heavy duty round aluminium rungs fitted at 250mm centres and swaged over.NOW available new "D" Rung. Heavy duty D shaped aluminium rungs fitted at 250mm centres and swaged over.
The special rung joint, is keyed into two retaining washers and the stiles, gives a very strong anti twist fixing. Special stay brackets are fitted to give added strength and prevent side sway. The ladder sections interlock and both push up and rope operated types have AUTO CLUTCH MECHANISM. The clutch is a proven design that has been developed over many years and will arrest itself rung by rung. Anti chafing during extension is achieved by fitting special rubber blocks into the channel section ends. Wall running wheels are fitted to all ladders to eliminate wear.

Two Section with Glass Fibre Rungs

The all fibre ladder is designed for use in areas where minimum metal content is required. The unique fixing of the 30mm square fibre rungs give a positive anti twist connection. Steel stay brackets give added strength and prevent side sway all other specifications are as above.

Ordering & Technical

These products complies to: ANSI 14-5 and ENA TS 14-1 and are *Kitemarked BS EN 131 .


2 Section Extending Ladders Push-up

(add an "R" before the last two numbers of the ordering code to add rope operation e.g GL2 R 09)

Ordering Codes for Rung Types

 Length Closed 

 Extended Length 

 Rungs per Section 

 Approx. Weight 

 Glassfibre rungs 
 Round Alloy rungs 
 D shaped Alloy rungs 
AFD 09 GL2 09 DGL2 09 2.35m 4.05m 9 14kg
AFD 12 GL2 12 DGL2 12 3.05m 5.55m 12 18kg
AFD 14 GL2 14 DGL2 14 3.55m 6.30m 14 22kg
  GL2 16 DGL2 16 4.10m 7.55m 16 28kg
  GL2 19 DGL2 19 4.83m 8.85m 19 32kg
*where applicable to relevant products.